Adoption certificate by a licensed psychologist

Svea KBT are licensed psychologists and members of the Swedish Psychologist Association and we can help you issue official adoption certificates in both English and Swedish. Please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. We can also assist you with other forms of psychological help.

What is an adoption certificate?

An adoption certificate is a document that a licensed psychologist compiles and signs. The adoption process often requires an adoption certificate issued by a licensed psychologist. The certificate is based on a 45-minute assessment interview in which the prospective parents are present.

Depending on the adoption agency and donor country, the requirements for the adoption certificate to move forward in the adoption process vary.

The purpose of the certificate is to supplement information obtained by the adoption agency, to ensure that the parents are mentally healthy/stable, and to examine the parents’ motivation to receive an adopted child.

What is the process?

1. Appointment

To get a certificate, you first need to make an appointment with one of our licensed psychologists. The interview can be held in our office or via video call.

2. Requirements

You need to tell us what content your adoption agency requires in an adoption certificate in order for it to be correctly designed.

3. Assessment

During the assessment interview, the psychologist will, among other things, ask questions about stress tolerance, temperament, frustration tolerance and future plans.

4. Compilation

After the interview, the psychologist will compile the certificate, either in English or Swedish. The certificate will be signed by the psychologist and stamped with the Psychologist Association’s stamp.

5. Delivery of certificate

The psychologist will then send the original certificate by post and email, together with the psychologist’s identification certificate.

6. Submit your certificate

After that, the papers can be forwarded to the adoption agency.

What is the price for an adoption certificate?

The total cost of the adoption of teh adoption certificate may vary depending on what is required. A regular interview/assessment including the adoption certificate and sent material is SEK 5,000. But if you also require personality assesments and other more detailed documents the cost may be higher.

If the adoption agency has further questions, you can contact the psychologist who issued the certificate. Should the need to make an appointment arise in the future, you are welcome to contact us.

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