English speaking therapist

Are you looking for an english speaking therapist in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala?

SVEA KBT is a private psychology clinic with 7 different offices in Stockholm and 2 different offices in Göteborg and 1 new office in Uppsala and in Malmö. All of our therapists are bilingual and will help you with therapy and treatment for a wide variety of mental challenges and health issues.

You can contact us via our contact form here or give us a call at 08 – 449 49 97 or email info@sveakbt.se

Here are some of the services we offer

English speaking Therapist and psychologist

We are experts in CBT. We can also offer treatments with ACT, CFT and DBT. Several of our psychologists are licensed and educated in psychotherapy.

Couples Therapy

We offer couples therapy in english with CBT influenced session’s within 3 days in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Uppsala. Read about our couples therapy in stockholm here.

Kids Therapy and psychologist

We offer family therapy, child therapy and youth therapy in english within 3 days in Stockholm and Gothenburg/Göteborg and Uppsala. Book your psychologist here.

Adoption certificate

We can help you issue an official adoption certificate. Read more about the adoption certificate here.

We Offer

All of our therapists and psychologists are bilingual and fluent in english. Our focus is availability with generous opening hours were we offer a meeting with a psychologist within 3 days.

CBT therapy

Couples therapy

Kids therapy and child psychology

Family therapy

ACT – acceptance and commitment therapy

psykolog uppsala

How It Works

To get started with a treatment, you first book a meeting with your psychologist. You can make the appointment either by help from us if you want to get a recommendation or receive more information about our process, or by yourself through our online booking.

You can choose either a physical meeting in one of our clinics or a video call. The psychologist will ask questions and listen to your needs, and you will aslo be able to ask questions and get information.

At the end of the session the psychologist will summarize and suggest a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. You can then make further appointments directly with your psychologist and start your treatment.

We can recommend a therapist and therapy for you.

If you contact us today we are happy to give you our recommendations for psychologist and therapy based on your circumstances. We try to answer all requests within 24 hours.